Virtual Reality at Exhibitions

Despite the rise of the Internet and virtual reality, trade exhibitions remain popular and continue to provide a time-saving way of showcasing products and…

By Sandra Desouza
27th October 2017
Managing Clients’ Needs and Expectations

To stay ahead of clients’ expectations within our industry, businesses need to deliver an impeccable and consistent service at every stage of the exhibition…

By Sandra Desouza
11th October 2017
Exhibition Site Surveys

Choosing a venue is one of the most important and difficult parts of planning an event. As an exhibition freight forwarder, our job is…

By Sandra Desouza
26th September 2017
Hand Carrying Exhibition Goods

Exhibitors wishing to “hand carry” when travelling to an overseas event, need to ensure they make the necessary enquires to fulfil the requirements at…

By Sandra Desouza
22nd August 2017
Understanding Drayage

The term drayage originated from the word “dray” the name for a horse-driven cart used to transport goods for short distances. Drayage has since…

By Sandra Desouza
9th August 2017
Surviving Exhibitions

It is not easy being an exhibitor participating at a busy exhibition spending weeks or months getting everything ready in advance of your arrival.…

By Sandra Desouza
24th July 2017
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