Virtual Reality at Exhibitions

By Sandra Desouza
| 27th October 2017

Despite the rise of the Internet and virtual reality, trade exhibitions remain popular and continue to provide a time-saving way of showcasing products and innovation under one roof. Businesses are constantly striving to introduce innovative ways to create brand awareness, develop relationships, and create market insight.

Virtual reality technology has been developed to promote an immersive and interactive multi-sensory visitor experience. The idea is to make people feel comforted by the idea that they are getting the most from their money and provide an insight into the experience they will receive.

The potential of virtual reality is now lending itself to other sectors other than gaming and entertainment. Education, music, medical, travel, tourism, military, and the events industries are opening the door to many businesses interested in how they might interact with this technology and potential clients.

This kind of technology is proving exceptionally useful for companies who cannot fit their product onto the show floor, how manufacturers can demonstrate how their products are made, how vehicle manufacturers can allow users to experience their product in action, and how potential travellers can be whisked away to experience a holiday destination even just for a few minutes.

Will this be the way forward for trade exhibitions? There is a lot to take on board if you are considering virtual reality. Will it be a good fit for your product/company? How will virtual reality highlight the benefits of your product? Will the costs for design and implementation be affordable? The comfort factor, the simplicity of use and the portability of equipment, are all areas to explore.

While virtual events may not be what people have anticipated, this technology continues to gain momentum. It seems embracing the latest technology and incorporating virtual reality within trade exhibitions will certainly create a lasting impression and offer target audiences an alternative way to interact with businesses and their products.

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