Surviving Exhibitions

By Sandra Desouza
| 24th July 2017

It is not easy being an exhibitor participating at a busy exhibition spending weeks or months getting everything ready in advance of your arrival. There is a great deal you can do to help yourself get more out of the event by allowing time for planning and preparation.

Exhibitions are a great way of targeting clients in a short space of time. To give yourself the best opportunity we have compiled an exhibition guide containing tips, essential items, and useful advice that may prove valuable when you do eventually arrive on-site.

1. Download the exhibition mobile app and check out their website for useful information and updates.

2. Follow the event, organiser, and exhibitors on Twitter. Ensure you are using your existing social-media channels to drive traffic to your stand and website.

3. Obtain a digital or hardcopy of the exhibition floor plan and identify where your stand is in relation to venue services.

4. Make sure you review the list of exhibitors before going, so you can find people you would like to talk to, maybe even contact beforehand to arrange a meeting or demonstration.

5. Ensure your promotional material is well displayed so visitors who miss you on the stand can still get some information. Consider leaving a bowl for business cards so you can contact exhibitors on your return.

6. Long hours and constant use of your mobile phone will drain your battery, keep a spare battery or phone charger with you on-site.

7. An exhibition stand kit containing stationery, maintenance, technology, and a medical kit are essential for ensuring your stand is prepared for every eventuality.

8. Exhibiting can take its toll especially when you are on your feet all day so make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes.

9. The climate in exhibition halls can be extreme at times with air conditioning or very warm weather, dressing in layers will help you to adjust.

10. Network, socialise and pick up some giveaways, people love a promotional gift so make sure you have some giveaways that will make you stand out from the crowd and be remembered.

Exhibitions are a great opportunity to meet your existing clients to discuss future work, and promote your brand to new potential clients. So, before you hit the ground running, we hope our experience and advice helps you to maximise the benefits of any show you attend, whilst simultaneously ensuring you survive the trials and tribulations of an exhibition.

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