Managing Clients’ Needs and Expectations

By Sandra Desouza
| 11th October 2017

To stay ahead of clients’ expectations within our industry, businesses need to deliver an impeccable and consistent service at every stage of the exhibition journey.

In the logistics industry, it is critical the delivery and collection experience matches up to clients’ expectations, or it could have a lasting effect on their loyalty. At Premier we have learned the flow of information, flexibility and being realistic can be the key difference to satisfying clients’ needs and expectations.

Clients’ expectations include keeping track of the progress of their shipment, through clear and accurate status updates, for their own peace of mind, keeping clients’ informed ensures there are no surprises when they arrive on-site at the event.

Another key element is to offer flexibility and provide alternatives for their convenience. At times life often throws a curveball into the mix and it is our job to provide clients’ with solutions and alternatives so we meet their event needs.

Finally, setting realistic expectations for our clients can limit frustrations. The key here is to avoid promising more than you can realistically deliver as this can affect clients’ confidence.

Keeping client’s informed, and proactively managing their expectations during the entire process is a defining factor for the success of businesses who retain their clientele. This is especially true for Premier Showfreight, the client relationship and experience is one of the most important ways we strive to differentiate ourselves, providing clients’ with our valuable experience, support and assurance throughout the event.

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