Hand Carrying Exhibition Goods

By Sandra Desouza
| 22nd August 2017

Exhibitors wishing to “hand carry” when travelling to an overseas event, need to ensure they make the necessary enquires to fulfil the requirements at the port of departure and arrival.

Requirements vary greatly by country and it is vital that individuals check their items can be hand carried. Incorrect paperwork or missing licenses can lead to customs delays, seizure of goods, fines, penalties or even imprisonment.

When hand carrying exhibition goods overseas the following should be taken in to consideration:

Embargoed countries have very strict import and export license requirements and you are advised to seek specialist advice.

Countries under a single party rule have very restrictive processes, hand carrying your exhibition goods is not recommended.

Countries whose leadership is highly influenced by religion will have strong restrictions and limitations on hand carrying goods. Further advice is recommended as customs in these countries have strict controls in place for any type of media.

Hand carrying goods to South America is not recommended. We strongly advise you avoid hand carrying exhibition goods since their regulations allow this procedure for transport of personal belongings only and not commercial or promotional goods.

Most of Asia and Europe are compliant with hand carrying items. If you choose to hand carry in these regions ensure you carry the correct shipping paperwork and keep in mind flights within Europe have very restrictive cargo sizing for hand carry baggage.

The government maintains blacklists of individuals and entities that businesses are prohibited from working with or shipping to, screen checks are advised.

Incorrect shipping paperwork can lead to delays with shipments, lost time, and lost opportunities. Incorrect tariff codes and failing to obtain the correct licenses and permits may result in customs fines and penalties.

Duties and Taxes will be applied on permanent items and assessed by customs in each country based on the typical value not the necessarily the declared value on your paperwork.

As you can see there are many factors to consider when hand carrying exhibition goods overseas, regulations vary from country to country and rules and can change at any time. Your time is precious, so having a trusted source to advise you can prove invaluable. For guidance and shipping advice contact Premier Showfreight, we always do our research and plan on a country by country basis.

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