Understanding Destination Charges

By Sandra Desouza
| 25th April 2017

Exhibiting your products at an overseas trade event is one of the best ways of catching the attention of your target audience. However, exhibitions require a significant outlay, including, stand rental, travel, accommodation, and, the cost of transporting your products to the event.

In exhibition logistics, it is often the case that the most significant proportion of the overall movement cost, is incurred after the shipment arrives in the country where the event is taking place. Therefore, it is important to understand and budget for destination charges for the services provided by the local agent, appointed in country. Our international agents assist with facilitating delivery of your products to any given event and these costs cover the movement, handling, inspection, customs clearance, and administrative tasks from arrival in country and are in addition to the outbound transportation and handling charges incurred at origin. Local duties and taxes, for any items imported on a permanent basis, may also be incurred.

There are many factors to consider that impact your shipping budget. Certain charges are determined by the value of your goods, the size and weight of your consignment, export documentation requirements, destination handling tariffs, import regulations and local customs requirements, to name but a few. Such charges can, and do, vary greatly, depending on the location of the event.

At Premier Showfreight, we provide our clients with comprehensive quotations, which include every possible aspect of the process involved in moving your exhibition goods from your premises to your exhibition stand and subsequent return. It is very important for us to ensure transparency, meaning our clients are aware of all applicable charges, in advance, and avoid any ‘surprises’.

It is our years of experience in shipping exhibition freight all around the world that allows us to make your job easier when creating a realistic exhibition budget.

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