The Implications of Brexit

By Sandra Desouza
| 21st March 2017

The implications of Brexit are still very unclear and at this stage it is too early to predict how freight legislation and costs may be affected in the long term.


As an exhibition freight forwarder we currently rely on the free movement of shipments within the EU. Losing this free movement, may mean that we are faced with customs issues impacting costs and affecting the timescales of deliveries within the EU.


The level of access to the single market will also determine customs tariffs, procedures and administration applying to imports and exports at the EU border. Having changes to official customs procedures imposed on us after years of free trade will certainly result in an increase in paperwork and associated costs required to facilitate this process.


However Brexit unfolds, it is inevitable that there will be an impact on trade between the UK and EU, with significant changes to legislation, trade agreements, transportation costs and currency fluctuations.


At Premier, we are aware our clients are operating in a cost conscious and competitive market. As such, we are always monitoring our suppliers and agents, to ensure that we can offer cost effective solutions and pass on savings wherever possible. We are committed to providing a professional exhibition freight management service and will always provide you with reliable advice, solutions and competitive rates, at all times.


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