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Surviving Exhibitions

It is not easy being an exhibitor participating at a busy exhibition spending weeks or months getting everything ready in advance of your arrival.…

Sandra Desouza
By Sandra Desouza
24th July 2017
Understanding Import Duties and Taxes

Import duties and taxes on exhibition goods can amount to a costly sum when exhibiting overseas. Exhibitors sometimes pay more than necessary if they…

Sandra Desouza
By Sandra Desouza
12th July 2017
Handling Dangerous Goods

Transporting dangerous goods or hazardous material has always been a complex procedure. When shipping such material, special consideration needs to be given to packaging,…

Sandra Desouza
By Sandra Desouza
27th June 2017
The Exhibition Journey

Some of us might eat, sleep, and breathe exhibitions, travelling to various destinations, from show to show. As a freight forwarder, understanding the complete…

Sandra Desouza
By Sandra Desouza
13th June 2017
Security at Show-site

Once you have your stand set up, with everything in place to guarantee your exhibition is going to be the best yet, you are…

Sandra Desouza
By Sandra Desouza
16th May 2017
Banning Electronic Devices

Recent developments in aviation security have seen the British Government join the US with the introduction of banning electronic devices except for standard sized…

Sandra Desouza
By Sandra Desouza
2nd May 2017
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